Blenheim Park Lodge 8981

Installation Meeting 2017


              Installation Meeting 

            27th February 2017

WMTA & Wdns.jpg

    Senior Warden               Worshipful Master                Junior Warden

  Bro. Sean Austin           W. Bro. Trevor Austin        W. Bro. Paul Stevens


WMTA , Officers & GO.jpg

Worshipful Master with officers of the Lodge & our Grand Officer

W. Bro. Brian Lown. PSGD. PAProvGM

WMTA & GO.jpg

Worshipful Master Trevor Austin & our Grand Officer

W. Bro. Brian Lown. PSGD, PAProvGM

WMTA S & SIL.jpg

 The Worshipful Master Trevor Austin and his family.

Bro. Sean Austin                                                        Bro.Daniel Swanepoel

     ( Son)                                                                         (Son-in-law)

Bro. Daniel who lives in South Africa, attended his Father-in-law's Installation

meeting, bringing greetings from his Lodge, and presented the W.M with an apron 

from his Lodge, Jacob de mist No.44.


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 Approved by

United Grand

Lodge of England